October 2017 Teaching Schedule in Siem Reap

Navutu Dreams

Monday, 8:30a – Ashtanga

Tuesday, 8:30a – Hatha Yoga

Thursday, 8:30a – Hatha Yoga

Friday, 8:30a – Vinyasa

Saturday, 9:30a – Ashtanga

Sunday, 9:30a – Restorative


Workshops and masterclasses

Sundays, 4-6p


The drop-in rate for all yoga classes is $8, for workshops $12.



Daily Flow and Stretch classes.

Suggested donation: $5


Customized teaching

I am also available to teach private and semi-private classes. Contact me by email at kathpullumyoga[at]gmail, or enter your details at the bottom of the page for more information.