A lifelong athlete and practicing yogini for over 15 years, I finally decided to become a trained yoga teacher after finishing a PhD and discovering that the yoga I was practicing was more fulfilling than the academic subjects I was studying and teaching. Retaining a passion for education and knowledge-sharing and a strong grounding in physical fitness, my teaching style both nurtures and encourages students while challenging them to expand beyond their perceived personal limitations. With attention to alignment and the breath, my practice and my teaching are by turns physically intense and slow and meditative, using the full range of yogic techniques to enable the mind and body to align for optimal health.

Having trained closely with Yogi Ashokananda for over 4 years, I have qualified under him to teach Himalayan Hatha Yoga (200hrs), Prana Kriya Yoga (200hrs), and pranayama and meditation (100hrs). I have taught individual and group classes, workshops, and retreats in the USA, UK, India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and Thailand.


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