Wow, where has this summer gone? Suddenly it’s August and time for a Yoga Mala! YES!!!

Join me and Kristi Williamson on Tuesday, August 9, 6pm at the Dancing Elephant as we complete 108 salutes to the late-summer sun. We’ll perform this in 4 sets with breaks in between, so don’t worry if that triple digit number is intimidating. Yes, it is physically intense, no doubt. But the collective energy will build through the process and culminate in a lovely relaxation with live music, meditation, and refreshments to follow.

It will be a very special evening, and I’m getting very excited for it. 108 rounds of breathing in unison … Ahhhh… I highly encourage you to come and challenge yourself, experience the power of this group practice, and step outside of the typical class context for a magical evening of sweat and sangha!

Note, this will be in place of my Tuesday evening 5:30 vinyasa flow class, and begins at 6pm. The Mala (108 sun salutations) will take approximately 2 hours, with the last half hour devoted to music, chanting, and meditation. Give your practice a boost, experience the community of local yogis, and send your spirit soaring.

This is an event not to be missed! See you on the mat. Om.



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