Calling all yogis in midcoast Maine! Free yoga is on offer this week at the Dancing Elephant in Rockland; this is an event not to be missed!

In celebration of my new teaching schedule at the Dancing Elephant, we’re inviting anyone who has even a passing interest in yoga to come sample my new class offerings: Friday morning at 9 a.m., I’ll be teaching Prana Kriya Yoga. And this week, June 10, it’s absolutely, 100% free! If you’ve been wondering what all the buzz is about, this is your chance to sample this special practice. Not your usual sun salute and vinyasa fare, Prana Kriya combines specific movements, or kriyas, with the breath to energize and stimulate mind and body. So put the finishing touches on your week here aligning with the breath. Also, I must add that my parents love it, which means: No prior yoga experience is necessary, open to everyone.

Saturday morning you hit the snooze button and then eventually drag yourself out of bed thinking, ‘I don’t care what I do for the rest of the day – I just need a yoga class, any class, stat!’ Does that sound like you? This is your class. Starting from now, on Saturday mornings at 10:30, I’ll be teaching All Levels Yoga, a hatha-based asana class to get your weekend started right. Get it free on June 11. Nothing fancy here, just good, solid yoga basics suitable for every-body, from beginner to advanced, as the name suggests.

And that’s not all — Community Yoga begins on Sunday, June 12. This is essentially the same as All Levels Yoga, but with a special invitation to all of those aspiring or curious would-be yogis out in the community who have for one reason or another never made it to class. There’s a special incentive, too: $5 suggested donation is all we ask. Nobody will be turned away (unless we can’t fit you in the room!). The intention is to expand the yoga circle and to build community here on Sundays, so basically what I’m saying is, obviously everyone should come to this class, and also –  bring a friend!

Om shanti, I’ll see you on the mat!





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