January – Prana Kriya Yoga teacher training with Yogi Ashokananda in Tiruvannamalai, India

February – Teaching yoga in Sri Lanka

March – Teaching yoga & meditation in London, UK

April – Taking Prana Kriya to the USA!


It’s been quite a year so far and packed full of yoga practice. After finishing last year on a high note teaching meditation, the new year began in South India embarking on an intensive 200-hour Prana Kriya teacher training with Yogi Ashokananda at Ashok Tree. I stayed on after the course ended to get some additional experience teaching ashram guests before departing for Sri Lanka to teach yoga on the beach.

Yes, it was as idyllic as it sounds and yes, its was incredibly difficult to return to a cold London in March. However it has been gratifying to be able to share my experience and the practice with friends, family, and colleagues upon return and to continue teaching (even if it is not accompanied by the sounds of waves on the beach).

I look forward to taking the practice to the U.S. when I return in April, and am beginning to plan my first retreat for later in the year. Keep checking this site or my Twitter @kathpullumyoga for the latest updates on my teaching schedule.

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